China Cup Series

Capturing time

Psychic Reading of China Cups

In 1982 I inherited a collection of china cups from a distant relative and thus this series began. The cups came in many sizes and shapes, colored in endless designs and decorations. I wondered: Is it possible that the previous owners had left their mark on the cups?  For the next 35 years my psychic friend, Denning Chambers, and I would get together to “read” the cups. As she would speak, I would write down her colorful and unique words. Each cup was numbered in the order that they were read. The paintings are a combination of  Denning’s words, details from the cup and my imagination. The cups in the paintings are  over-sized with the story often emerging from the cup. So far, there are over 25 paintings in the series.  I still have many more readings to use... this series is not over yet! The paintings are large watercolors, measuring 40” x 30’

To see a larger version, click on each image below and read the psychic’s words.